Another great Pokemon by PMF. There’ll be wings! You’ll like it!

Zubat is a small, blue bat-like Pokémon. It has two long, skinny tails. Zubat’s face lacks any eyes and a nose. The insides of Zubat’s ears and undersides of its wings are purple.

This is quite a big papercraft! Zubar will measure 24cm high x 40cm width when fully upright! Note from the testbuilder, Skelekitty: “I love these high-detail pokemon models – they are a work of art! Even as I rotate the 3D virtual model in Pepakura I can’t help but be amazed at their beauty. It has this amazing flapping motion in it’s wing joint that I suspect is an accidental fluke of nature! ”
Sounds great! Have fun!

Download here!

By PMF, picture by Skelekitty. Info from Bulbapedia.


  1. PKMN Trainer Chrissy

    Its an awseome papercraft but for some reason I cant donload it.
    Its still an awseome craft

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