PhotobucketHere’s an awesome papercraft from our forums: a N64 Zora! The completed papercraft is 20cm tall. Zoras are the peaceful, fish-like race from The Legend Of Zelda, that can live on both land and in water. In Zelda: Ocarina of Time, they were trapped by Ganondorf as he turned the Zora’s Domain into a frozen wasteland, until Link defeated the creature in Lake Hylia and restored the Zoras and Zora’s domain back to normal.

Get it here!

Zora designed by Xenonray

Edit: Xenonray revisited the model, and it’s now easier to build!

Check out the original topic on our forums!


  1. eric

    it’s good but your directions are so hard to follow as to which way to fold what and where each part connects that it’s almost impossible.

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