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PhotobucketThe Zoras remain, for the most part, exactly the same as the Zoras in Ocarina of Time, except they reside in Termina. The only unique Zoras are the members of the Indigo-Gos and their manager. Most Zoras are found in the Zora Hall, located in the Great Bay. Link is also able to transform into a Zora via the Zora Mask. Interestingly, the Terminan Zoras appear to have no monarchy and apparently, no government at all, although it’s possible that they have one located somewhere else in Great Bay as the only Zora building shown is Zora Hall.

It’s finally available! A Zora Link! This one is made by Navi. She did a great job on this awesome papercraft ^^ Thanks Navi!

Download the template from her site.

By Navi


  1. Anonymous

    A very fun papercraft, with a couple warnings; the lined v.2 has errors on the belt and face, while the unlined v.2 has no such problem.

  2. Anonymous

    zora link is awsome and i rely want to make this papercraft but every time i go to the navi’s site
    my pc locks up a i half to restart it can u e-mail me the lined v.2

    thanks jesseylw@aol.com

  3. nancy

    Me too. I also can’t get navi’s site and have to restart. Can u suggest me what should i do… Thanks…

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