Zero Suit Samus 2

People who’ve been around here for a while may remember we already have a version of Zero Suit Samus that you can find here. But that version, though based off the SSBB model, is quite blocky and highly simplified. Fast forward another two years and we now have a custom modelled Samus by Dil which is much more detailed and in a cool looking pose.

The Zero Suit is a skintight jumpsuit worn by Samus underneath her Power Suit. It first appeared in Metroid: Zero Mission, and has since been seen in many of the modern Metroid games, e.g. in the ending sequences if the player has acheived a 100% completion.

This model is only 5 pages but is quite complex so experience is probably required. It comes with instructions you can view by clicking the link on page 1 of the PDF.

Download Here (Click Download, then “Estoy de acuerdo” on the next page)

Template and Model by Dil

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