A whole lot of Zelda masks!

Well, to temporarily solve the problem with the older Zelda posts that aren’t showing, I will put all the mask crafts in this post.

Mask of Truth

The Mask of Truth is finally coming to the world of Papercraft.

The Mask of Truth is a reappearing mask in the Legend of Zelda series. This mysterious mask, passed down by the Sheikah allows the wearer to talk to Gossip Stones.
The mask bears a striking resemblance to the symbol of the Sheikah, namely the eye with a tear. This symbol is seen as a motif throughout the Zelda game

Pack comes with 3 sizes: Item size, model size and life-size
Download Here

By Frozen_Fish, info from Zeldapedia

Bremen Mask

MM - Bremen Mask The Bremen Mask, another item from the game Majora’s Mask, is a bird-like mask that Link is given by a man in Clock Town. When wearing it, and playing his ocarina, all the small animals of the Clock Town region, such as dogs and chicks, will follow him. It is part of the quest that leads Link to getting the bunny hood.

This craft comes in two sizes: the “item size”, which is scaled to fit the existing zelda models as though it were an item for them; the “model size”, which is roughly the size of your outstretched hand.
Download Bremen Mask!
It is also available on my site.

– Navi03

Suns Mask

MM - Sun's MaskPart of the set of masks from the game Majora’s mask, this is the Sun’s Mask. It is not actually a wearable mask in the game, but is part of a side-quest in which you must help the engaged Kafei and Anju reunite. Kafei recovers this mask from the thief’s hideout–with Link’s help, of course–after navigating a complex system of puzzles. This craft features that same mask, and is simple to build.
Download Sun’s Mask!

By Navi03

Gibdo's Mask

PhotobucketThe Gibdo Mask was one of the more usefull masks in the game. It made you able to communicate with gibdo, and Redead wouldn’t notice you when wearing this mask.
Note that I resized it so that the mask should roughly be the same size as the other masks. The PDO however, has a 3-paged version, which should be about life-size.
Download Gibdo Mask

By Notlaw, picture by sgonzales22

Kafei's Mask

PhotobucketIt’s the mask that starts the biggest sidequest in The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. The Kafei Mask. This guy is missing, and his mother wants him back. She gives you the kafei mask, so you can ask people about his whereabouts. It turns out that Kafei and Anju want to marry, but they need the Couple’s Mask to do that. Well, in the end you have to obtain the Couple’s Mask for these two lovers, so that they can merry happy ever after.
Kafei’s Mask

By Killero94

Blast Mask

BOOM! The mask that took away your sorrow about carrying enough bombs. The downside was that it took some of your life. The upside was, that when you used your shield, you didn’t obtain any damage. I think this is one of the more usefull masks (together with the Bunny Hood ofcourse) in The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.

Well, there is not much to say about the papercraft itself other then it’s very easy. It’s just print, cut, glue, finish. One of the easiest on Nintendo Papercraft I guess. But you have to complete that wall of masks sometime, don’t you?
Blast Mask

By Kaboom

Giant's Mask

One of the few masks in Zelda you rarely get to use. This mask was only useable in the Boss room of the Stone Temple. It transformed link into a huge Link, so he was able to defeat the boss. It’s a rather small papercraft if you think about the fact that it should transform you into a huge individual. Have fun!
Download Giant’s Mask

By Kaboom

Keaton's Mask

One of the first masks I obtained in Majora’s Mask. I never really knew why there was this weird Keaton guy asking you questions about random stuff. But ah well, he gave you a piece of heart, so I didn’t really care. Still, he was pretty much hidden in the game, with all the bushes you had to cut and stuff.

Anyway, here is the Keaton mask. You’ll have to draw the black ears yourself with a black marker.

By Kaboom

Bunny Hood

What will make you run faster, and make you jump farther then ever? The Bunny Hood! This “mask” first appeared in Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but wasn’t really useful. In Majora’s Mask however, it made you faster. Very useful, since you had a moon coming right at you! This mask saved tons of time in both dungeons and Clock Town.
Download Bunny Hood

Picture by Paracage

Zora's Mask

You won’t be able to transform in a Zora while wearing this mask, but it will look fancy! The Zora mask gave you the ability to swim very fast in Zelda: Majora’s Mask. Personally I think Majora’s Mask is one of the best Zelda games because of the variety of masks. The game also had this dark atmosphere, which I also really love. Well, anyway here is the link to the Zora’s Mask. Note that you should print out page 1 twice if you want both a cracked eye version and a normal version.
Download here!

By Kaboom

Majora's Mask

The mask that started another legend.

Majora’s Mask is a major plot point of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. This ancient and powerful mask was once used in an ancient tribe’s hexing rituals and was later sealed away because of its evil magic. It was later recovered and found its way into the hands of the Skull Kid.

This is the first craft for many papercrafters. So why don’t take a try and build this beauty?
Download here

By Ninjatoes

Skull Mask

The Skull Mask is one of the masks Link has to sell as he is completing the Happy Mask side quest. Link can borrow it after he has sold the Keaton Mask to the soldier in Kakariko Village. A Skullkid is willing to purchase the mask in the Lost Woods for 10 Rupees.
Anyway, this papercraft is pretty complicated. I suggest you use the PDO file as a reference. For all Mac users out there (yup, I’m one of them too, suffering from Pepakura’s window-limit) I recommend dual-booting windows, or just figure it out on your own. I can say though, that one of the pieces goes completely behind another one. Good luck!
Download Skull Mask

By Kaboom

Spooky Mask

The Spooky Mask is an item from Ocarina of Time. It is part of the Happy Mask side quest for the Mask of Truth. It can be sold to the kid in the Kakariko Graveyard for 15 Rupees.
Have fun with this mask. The inside of the eyes might be a bit tricky for some, but it will make the mask look better with those parts ūüėÄ
Download here

By Kaboom

Gerudo's Mask

Here is a Gerudo’s Mask. Nothing special, probably ripped from the N64 game Ocarina of Time. I always loved fighting these thieves. They were pretty hard if you didn’t know how to deal with them. Yeah, dodging enemies are always fun to fight with.

Building tips:

Note that the hair is pretty complicated to build. The two pieces you see on the side are stand-alone pieces, and should not be glued to the big piece of hair. The bigger piece of hair (not the biggest) should actually be on the left side of the hair, not the right side. Good luck!
Download here!

By Kaboom


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  2. SkippyElectrochomp

    There’s a problem with the Bunny hood. When I printed out the papercraft, I was thinking there was a problem with the eyes. Turns out I was right. There was supposed to be only one eye on each piece. There was a dozen on each piece.

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    There’s a problem with the keaton mask, too; it has no black textures on its ears, or the eyes…

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    Hi. Thanks for all the great stuff. I printed the Zora mask and it just seems to be missing parts. Do you have instructions by any chance? Thanks!

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    here are some papercrafts people should make ,garo, garo mask, skulltula, deku scrub mask, and wall masters. ūüėÄ
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