Zelda DS

I really liked the mini ds posted before but I didn’t like the green color. I wanted one to match the actual ds that I own so I recolored the original by Sonicscape Jun to make myself a limited edition Zelda one. And to keep with the Zelda theme (and the fact that mine came with it) I gave it the Phantom Hourglass cartridge instead of the Nintendogs one. Also, I didn’t like that it had blank screens so I added some screen shots from phantom hourglass instead. Also, pic is just a recolor too of the original we posted ages ago here on NP. I haven’t had time to build my recolor and take pictures yet. If anyone wants to build it and note me pictures of it, open and closed, either on the forums or on my da then I will update this post with that person’s photo. :)

Download: Here
Recolor by Kratos

Original: Sonicscape Jun


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