Zelda Diorama

This diorama is from the very first Zelda game: The Legend of Zelda. It was a game viewed from the top. That’s what makes this diorama interesting too. Normally, dioramas are screens from a game that’s played from the side.
So go ahead and try this cute craft. Even if it’s just to get back some nostalgic feelings from the early days. Oh yes… back when we were young…

Download here

By Xantus


  1. wobuffet3

    wat a coincidence! i just got this game on virtual console! wat do i do first?? im stuck on the beginning

  2. KingMudkip

    Well, it was in the Classic NES GBA re-release. Can’t say anything about the original NES version, though. Anyway, it looks like maybe you can just stick that box on top instead of bottom & it’ll work fine.

    Ahh, LoZ… great game it was…

  3. Anonymous

    Yeah, it is. Though it looks to me that putting it on top would make the papercraft top heavy. You could put it on top then take a strip of cardstock paper, glue one end to the back, probably centered and close to the top, then take the other end and tape it to wherever you are setting up the diorama.

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