Young Malon

Malon’s growing down! Coming to you today, not long after Malon, is Young Malon from Ocarina of Time!
Malon is a young girl who loves to sing outside the Hyrule Castle’s walls at night. She takes care of most of the duties at the ranch due to her father’s laziness. Link first met Malon, who called him “Fairy Boy”, in the Hyrule Castle Market where she was looking for her father. After Link found Talon asleep and woke him up, Malon returned to Lon Lon Ranch with him. Later, she introduced Link to a young horse named Epona and taught Link Epona’s Song, a song Malon’s mother had composed.

Designed and built by Xenonray, of the forums.

Here are some notes about the craft, from Xenonray:
-About 15.3cm tall (Pepakura Estimate)
-4 pages
-Difficulty: 6/10 averaged, easier with experience
-Main difficulty from small arm parts, shoulders and closing the head.
-Includes lined and lineless PDFs, instructions, references, unlocked PDO and a few notes.

Download Here


  1. Bratchny

    A really sweet papercraft! I made this yesterday, and the instructions are very helpful.

    Although, the hair was the hardest bit, but I found that if you do what Xenonray says, build the lower hair first, but I think you should not close the 2 long tabs until last, so you can glue and apply pressure to the mid hair part.

    Then close the lower hair’s longest tab last. That part, when open, will give you a little room to insert your finger or a toothpick, or anything else, inside so you can apply pressure to the mid hair.

    I found that joining the mid and lower parts together was pretty annoying, as they need a lot of glue and pressure to close properly, and don’t look very clean.

    You’ll probably spend a while holding those parts together, as they don’t easily join together, they kind of ‘rebound’ off each other when trying to glue together.

    So my other way might be easier, as you have a way of applying pressure to those parts, instead of the above happening. It’s hard to explain, but I hope this helps people!

  2. nasman1993

    I’m making the cow! I’m making the cow! It’s already unfolded, I just need to testbuild it. Hm, I should put it up in the testbuild section of NP. Maybe tomorrow though. I need to sleep right now.

  3. Xenonray

    Thanks for posting, Brandon! Sorry I had to leave on a field trip at very short notice and didn’t get a chance to post it myself! :p

    Yep the mid section is a bit tricky too, forgot to mention that. Patience, pressure and good glue is the key!

  4. Anonymous

    we totally need stoned/emotional breakdown Romani from MM xD

    I freaked out the first time I found her like that. o – o

  5. Jeff

    Is it just me or do the feet not attach? I was starting this and the design seems to be differnt then the instructions. There are tabs at the top of the legs on the instructions but the pdf does not have any.

  6. Xenon

    @Jeff you’re right. How on earth that slipped by, and without anyone complaining earlier is beyond me.

    I can only guess that I had to re-unfold at some point after I originally built the feet, and forgot to add tabs back there.

    Now I can’t edit posts made by other members so you can either quickly add your own tabs, or here’s an updated archive:

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