Yoshi’s House diorama

Here’s a nice diorama from Super Mario World: it’s Yoshi’s house 😀

Yoshi’s House (also known as Yoshi’s Tree) is a tree where Yoshi lives during Super Mario World. This tree has a fireplace, a mail box and berries, and it is located in Yoshi’s Island.

The 3D part of the diorama is doublesided, so you’ll have to glue the tree parts and the mailbox back to back. Note that some of the tabs are too big (the pineapple thing for example), so you’ll have to cut them smaller. Have fun!

Download here!

By GP (Gipi), info from Mario Wiki


  1. Lord Lemmy

    Uh… By “pineapple thing” do you mean the message box?? Because, well, it’s the only thing that looks similar to a pineapple… although it is not. Anyways, besides that, it is a cool little diarama! It seems easy, yet has a good result!

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