YoshiYoshi are allies of Mario and his friends in the Super Mario Bros series. They are small dinosaurs that can  jump high and swallow enemies.

This model is 30 cm tall and has 10 pages with a difficulty of 4/10.

Designer Notes:  Follow the Numbers…. nose, eyes, head, arms,body,legs (don’t close them),shell,tail,close the feet. Notes: If the package is corrupt, redownload it.

Design and build: Sabi96

Download (via Sabi96 Papercraft Box)


  1. Ace Connell

    Oh my god, I’ve got to try this!

    How have I not seen this site before?

    Which one is an easy one to start with for someone who’s never done anything other than making paper aeroplanes before?

    Nintendo Sushi Nintendo news, reviews, videos and podcast!

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