Another DS Zelda model from the Paperzelda team, this time Yeko from Spirit Tracks.

Yeko is a member of the Anouki race, who are found in cold regions of the world in Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks. They are characterised by their red cheeks, reindeer-like antlers and wear bright fur coats to keep warm.

Download Here

Template and Picture by Paperlegend


  1. zeldainuyashalover

    r u going to do the others in the vilage as well? and make the houses and senery for kicks?

  2. Kupo

    I am working on the blue and red Anouki, and I believe Paperlegend was working on the Chief Anouki, though I don’t think we’re doing the scenery, sorry…

  3. Raregay

    I need help on that i really love those but i cant make em can u put an walkthroght on youtube please

    Thanks anyway for this amazing thing!

  4. Anonymous

    There is the PDO walkthrought
    The red and blue anoukies are too amazing i cant wait for them
    also this one is so easy !

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