PhotobucketHi! I’m Pickle. You may have seen me on the forum,
I’m the crazy one who isn’t allowed to drink coffee.
Anyways, here’s a sweet looking papercraft of wood man from Megaman 2. Wood man is a recreation of one of the previous “mans” from the original megaman. Obviously he fights with wood attacks(while also using a leaf shield), and is one of the first 5 bosses(out of the 8 total). I’ve seen a lot of cool Megaman papercrafts recently, and this particular model is by Octopornopus, from the forum, who has done quite a few Megaman models. Thanks for releasing wood man Octopornopus, and please continue to make more models:)


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Designed by Octopornopus


  1. Anonymous

    Woodman wasn’t a recreation of a previous boss… and he doesn’t fight with wood attacks – he uses a leaf shield. And there are 8 robot masters in Megaman 2.

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