After several StarWings, someone thought we should have something different. So here is the Wolfen!

The Wolfen is the aerial ship piloted by members of the Star Wolf Team, a rival band of mercenaries. The Wolfen performs similarly to the Arwing, although it also boasts a few extras of its own.
The Wolfen comes with a front mounted laser that can be fired in rapid succession. Lock on plasma bolts can be charged and fired too, and smart bombs can be fired off. Typically Star Wolf themselves don’t seem to use weapon functions other than the standard laser.

The Wolfen has 4 pages with relatively big pieces. The file includes a notes file, where you’ll get some tips for building the craft. The craft is in scale with Navi’s StarWing. Good luck ūüėÄ

Download Wolfen!

By KingMudkip, info from Starfox Neoseeker


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