Wind Waker Wizzrobe and Wizzrobe Leader

Some more enemies from The Wind Waker on the GC. Wizzrobes are mages and spellcasters that have a long history in the Zelda series, first appearing as far back as The Legend of Zelda on the NES. They change in appearance quite a bit throughout the games, though as hinted at in their name, always wear some sort of long robes. The ones in WW have faces resembling toucans or similar exotic birds, though I’m not sure if that’s their actual face or just an elaborate mask.

Teleporting around the map, summoning enemies and throwing fireballs, they are a tricky foe to deal with in numbers. The models here are a standard Wizzrobe and the orange leader/chief Wizzrobe seen in the Wind Temple.

Wizzrobe Leader

Templates and Pictures by Squeezycheesecake


  1. DahremRuhar

    err, correction time. The Orange Chief wizzrobe is seen in the Wind Temple. Either way, both look awesome.

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