Wind Waker Sword & Shield Wall Decoration

wwwwalldecorationHere is Studio of M.M’s second papercraft to celebrate the release of The Wind Waker HD. As the name suggests this is a model of both the Master Sword and Hero’s Shield used by Link during the game. Versions of this equipment have appeared on the blog in the past but these are sort of half-way lifesized (or best estimates from the very stylised design of the game), which can be used to make a nifty wall decoration.

The shield is 30cm long with the sword around 64cm long. Both are not overly complex because they are large crafts but you might have to take their size into consideration to make sure you can build them sturdy enough. If in doubt, use internal reinforcement or really thick paper (+200gsm).

Again there are some video instructions for construction and picture instructions on how to hang the items together.

Find the templates here at Otaku Crafts!