Wind Waker Mirror Shield

The Mirror Shield again appears in the game, this time in the fifth dungeon, the Earth Temple. It is obtained by defeating three Stalfos; the mid-boss of the dungeon. It is the second – and final – shield of this game and automatically replaces the Hero’s Shield once obtained. Again, it is required to solve light puzzles, but occasionally, it must be paired with another light beam to successfully solve a puzzle, usually by utilizing Medli’s harp, as it acts much, if not the same as the Mirror Shield does regarding light. Light that bounces off the Mirror Shield can also paralyze certain enemies in this game such as ReDeads, is the only way to solidify Poes, and allow Dark ChuChu’s to be turned to stone, unless these enemies walk under a light beam. The Mirror Shield can also cause certain stone statues to break and reflect light along a large network of mirrors, as seen in the Earth Temple. The ability to break stone statues is needed to carry on past Floor 31 of the Savage Labyrinth.~info from Zelda Wiki

Download: Here

Designer: Christina
photo by Christina


  1. Anonymous

    A cool thing i figured out for this is to put shiny tape over the front of the shield so it reflects light.

  2. Anonymous

    How do you do the back? The blue strips look unnecessary, but they have to have some kind of purpose with attaching the back…

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