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On this page, find a great collection of websites offering models' templates!

Website1) Description2) Help?3) Free?4) Paid?5) Active?6)
Canon CREATIVE PARK Various models from the imaging company.
Card Modeling FAQ Considered probably the oldest online papercraft FAQ.
チークパッチ (Cheek Patch) Various cultural designs.
Cubeecraft Various cubic replicas of pop culture figures.
Desktop Gremlins Easy promotional paper sculptures.
Kamibox Various papercrafts, paper toys and automatas.
The Lower Hudson Valley E-Gift Shop Various, notably sci-fi and spacecraft models.
Ninjatoes' papercraft webpage Various, notably video games, pop culture replicas.
Nintendo Papercraft Nintendo related paper models.
Paper Replika Various pop culture replicas.
PaperCraft Museum Classification of various models from around the Web.
PaperCraftSquare Collection of various models from around the Web. Showcase of the latest models on the Web. All Kind of Models & Tutorials
PaperPokés Unofficial Pokémon paper models.
Paper Replika Various pop culture replicas.
Pixel Papercraft Minecraft related paper models.
Sabi96 Papercraft Box Various paper models, mostly Nintendo and Disney related.
T&M's Paper Models Various, notably military models.
Tektonten Papercraft Pop culture related paper models
Yamaha Papercraft Various animals, vehicles, pop-up cards and a great video tutorial.
1) In alphabetical order.
2) What the website offers in 10 words or less.
3) Is there any self-made tutorial or help about building and/or designing paper models?
4) Are there models free to download and print?
5) Are there models which one must pay a fee in order to get the template?
6) Was a model released in the past year?
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