Wii Revolution & Wiimote

backangle6jfWe all know what the Wii is: The next-gen console from Nintendo.  The console is known for its new way of gameplay: The Wiimote, with motionsensors in it. To celebrate its launch, Nintendo itself has made this papercraft!  Download it, build it, and feel some of his magic! There is also a fanversion of the Wii-mote., which comes with a Wii!


  1. Anonymous

    the nintendo wii remote isnt the actual one if im not mistaken. its 1 and 2 not a and b, ts + and- not select and start.the home button has a little house not a dot, the power button isnt rectangular its a circle and it doesnt have tha line and power thing it only has the circley thing oh and by the way the things for what wii remote u r using the blue things at the bottom they have dots instead of numbers.

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