Nintendo Wii

I’ve posted a template of a Wii before, but it was a black edition. Since there isn’t really a black version on the market and someone requested a white one, I decided to post the white one as well.

Well, what can I say? Here it is! There is a normal sized version (4 pages) and a mini version (see picture)
Simple black Wii (one page) by ~zelas on deviantART
Wii mini version (1-paged PDF) via FX Console modelling
Mini Wii by Brad4DS, picture by Ykansaki


  1. Drummyralf

    Normally, I would do this kind of stuff right away. This link however, can confuse many people. They have to scroll all the way at the bottom to really find the papercraft. I gave the creator credits, and I’m willing to link to him, but I prefer (for all the viewers of this site) not to link to a url where you have to find your papercraft on the page first before downloading. Do you have like, a forum link? That would be way better.

  2. Anonymous

    I think you should make a papercraft of the newest console Nintendo DSi. you are a great papercraft maker.

  3. Anonymous

    hello, I was watching pictures and came out a box, game manual and the wii mote I thought that came with the download but not until now do not find these things

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