1. Toodles

    It’s not ripped. I just took a couple of screenshots from the video to reference and designed the model from scratch. He’s not particularly complicated in design, thank goodness!

  2. Anonymous

    Thank you for that craft its damn easy and now i know about Mario Galaxy 2!! Danke das dieses Modell hier gepostet wurde ich habe erst dadurch von Mario Galaxy 2 erfahren!! Merci, pour poster le craft sûr nintendopapercraft.com Maintenant je sais Mario Galaxy 2!!

  3. Anonymous

    It’s definately not a rip, you can see from the picture and the screenshot that the proportion of the head is different and that the legs are fatter (in the screenshot they are smaller than the body and in the papercraft they are the same width).

  4. Anonymous

    also the head is angled and the body lighter in color. I dont mean this in an offensive way just helping proving the fact that it aint a rip. But on naother note its amazing!

  5. Anonymous

    hello i am the same person who said new poodle can. sorry i cant login with my google account coz i’m on my DSi, anyway if you’ve made an E3 papercraft (mario themed) then why don’t you try a zelda themed papercraft? like link or his train (CHOOCHOO) soz, i told u i’m random.anyway, link or his train. I know u can’t rip it now, but when it comes out or maybe by scratch (which is hard) but i love the legend of zelda :)

  6. Anonymous

    how do you do that? I got through the cutting, making the arms, legs, body and head but I could not put it together.

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