White and Purple Pikmins

Pikmin! The first set of 2, consisting of the Purple and White Pikmin.

The Pikmin are very short, standing 1 inch tall. Pikmin are very simple physically, consisting of little more than a head, slender body, two arms and two legs, all four of which are very thin. Pikmin have hands and feet. All Pikmin have two disproportionately large eyes, with round, black pupils. On top of the heads of all Pikmin are plant-like sprouts, which are either topped by a leaf, bud, or flower. The flower is the most developed stage of Pikmin; flower Pikmin move faster and attack more strongly than leaf or bud Pikmin. Each variety of Pikmin have their own unique facial feature. (Info from Wikipedia)

These papercraft Pikmin are of course taller than an inch tall. They also come with a stump for use as a base. Set 2 coming soon!

3D Editing by Brandon, Template by Lyrin, Special Thanks to Gazamaniac for the model rips.

Download: A4 / Letter


  1. Ageman20XX

    I just wanted to say these are wonderful! Before I clicked the link in my feed I figured Pikmin wouldn’t be that interesting. I’m a huge fan and all, but I thought they’d be too simple to stand out in papercraft, but you guys have done such an amazing job with them. They’re adorable, and the little pose/trunk is really nice too. I plan to try this one out soon! :)


  2. Lyrin

    Thanks everyone!
    I’m glad you liked the stump/group idea! And, skinny white and fatty purple are bound to be together! 😀
    Yellow, blue and red will come, don’t worry! Dunno when, but they will! 😀

  3. Acewarrior

    Very good papercrafts except when I was printing off the purple pikmin template I found that I couldn’t see the cutting and folding lines. The white pikmin was okay though. You could consider trying to make the lines show up more on the purple pikmin and some of the future pikmin as well.

  4. Deathtoalullaby

    xD love them! Can’t wait for the others. Though you need to also make a Mushroom Pikmin too!

  5. Anonymous

    Can you make a Blue Pikmin PLEASE?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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