White and Purple Pikmin


Are you having Deja Vu? If so, it’s because of a craft we posted earlier, with White and Purple Pikmin. These models, however, are from Chokipeta. Instead of standing upright, they’re planted in pottery. They’d look great on your shelf, or you could just put them by a bunch of flowers to surprise someone(Note: we are not responsible for any fire damaged homes if you place them near Bomb or Fire flowers)! In Pikmin 2 and Super Smash Bros Brawl, Purple Pikmin are known for being extremely heavy, and for crushing their enemies. White Pikmin have the unique ability to poison the beasts they must face.

Templates by Chokipeta, and thanks to Goblin Guy for supplying us with more Chokipeta crafts! The clean-up scans were done by me, Picklelicker129.


Also, our Photobucket account has exceeded it’s max, so some banners and pictures may not show up. We’ll fix it, we promise!


  1. Osmodiwald

    I just made thepurple one, and it looks great! I really like the way it captures the pikmin’s chubbiness… I want to make 50 of them and share them with strangers in the street :p

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  3. printcutfoldglue

    zapotlanejo.info is indeed dead. We’ll soon try to re-upload all the missing files, but there are many… Just be patient! ;^)

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