What materials to use

Small_pair_of_blue_scissorsI’m having a LOT of questions about how to build papercrafts, so I decided to make a guide and put it on the blog. This guide is merely a guideline, and not neccessarily the perfect papercraft equipment. Try to experiment with things like paper to see what you think is the best.

What I use:

-A printer with separate ink cartridges for every color*
-Cardstock. Anything heavier then 120gms should do, but above 170gms it’s getting rather thick.**
– A small pair of scissors***
-A knife+cutting mat***. You don’t want to ruin your moms desk after all
-Glue. Any fast and cleardrying glue will do. I personally use PowerPritt universal Gel.
-Toothpicks. You’ll need these to apply the glue
-A pair of tweezers. You’ll really need these for smaller parts.
-A scoring tool. Not really neccessary, but does make better folds. You can also use an empty ballpen for this. Just make sure it’s really empty.

*If you’re serious about this hobby, you might want to consider buying a good printer. They aren’t too expensive now a days, and a printer with separate cartridges will save you money in the long run. If you only have one cartridge for all 3 colors and one color runs out, you’ll have to replace the whole cartridge even though 2 colors are still full.

**Some people prefer matte, some prefer glossy. I myself prefer to build with matte, but some papercrafts are nicer with a glossy look, like golden items. Note that glossy paper is heavier most of the time. When your building smaller models, you might want to use lighter paper, and when you’re building a bigger model, you’ll probably want some heavier paper.

***Some people prefer scissors, some people prefer to use a knive. I’ve seen beatiful crafts created from both methods.It’s for you to find out what you like most. Still, some parts are just easier for either scissors or knives. Make sure both your scissors or knives are sharp. A dull cutting tool will make horrible cuts.

And a small tip: keep your (unfinished) crafts in a safe place so that you/others don’t accidently damage them.

I’ll post more tips later.

Featured image : “blue scissors” by ZooFari. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0


  1. Anonymous

    ok but what if your cardstock doesnt fit in printer? i resort to pasting the computer paper onto a pise of card stock tghen cutting it out and it sucks

  2. Anonymous

    wow thanks for posting neat stuff here. :) and i didn’t think i’d see the day when i would use my empty ballpoint pens ever again xD

  3. Anonymous

    @ anonymous
    your papercrafts probably have ugly white lines all over them because the knife is splitting the paper wherever you score it.

  4. Anonymous

    no they don’t… it’s never happened to me before anyway, but i think i didn’t describe the knife that well! it’s not a
    food knife with serrated edges, its a knife with straight edges. plus, i don’t lean on it too hard
    either ;P

  5. Anonymous

    im alittle bit late on posting:D but im a noob to and i dont no what scoring is either i kinda get it but not really

  6. Xenon

    Scoring is when you take a thin but blunt object and run it along the fold lines with mild pressure.

    (Tools you can use are a dried out pen, the edge of a ruler, a blunt knife, ann embossing tool)

    This creates a thin indentation in the paper without tearing it, so if you fold the line, the indentation will act as a hinge to make the fold very clean and neat.

    Works best with angular models, and precise builds.

  7. Anonymous

    i just cant get the papercrafts to print the correct color!
    Decent new printer, new inks, recently maintenanced. Prints photos fine, but normal paper, just cant get the right colors :(
    No where as intense.
    Printed the Mario Blue shell so many times in different settings and closer, but no where the same blue as picture >_<

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