Whacka CraftA character from the Paper Mario series, the whacka is a rather unusual creature whose most valuable purpose is to be smacked on the head with Mario’s hammer, which causes him to drop a “whacka bump”…a tasty and nutritious snack for plumbers. Well, sounds a little gross to me (to eat something that you knocked out of who-knows-where on someone’s head) but, this is the same guy who eats mushrooms that randomly slide by him too, so I guess he’s adjusted. Anyway, this great model is actually a recolor, done by Brandon of the forums, of Pixel-Kakashi’s Diglett papercraft. The test-build was done by mario paperfan2008.

Designed by Pixel-Kakashi Recolored by Brandon


  1. Anonymous

    Yay! I love Wacka! Paper Mario is my favorite Mario game. I can’t wait to make this papercraft!

  2. Anonymous

    I’m trying to make this, but I can’t figure out how. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE repost this with instructions!!!

  3. Anonymous

    (I’m a different Anonymous)Actually If you look at them you don’t know wear to connect to rocks or the the blue whacka body. I’d say it’d be better if there are instructions,but after some time you may figure it out.(Also nice papercraft)

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