More Pokemon! Today’s post is Weezing, a Generation I poison type and the evolved form of Koffing.

Weezing appears to be two unhappy looking Koffing stuck together, along with a third faceless rock attached by bars at the back. The heads constantly mix gases between each other to build up deadly toxins but oddly enough there’s many references that it’s possible to create top quality perfumes from them with the right technique.

See the designer’s site for informarion on construction and sizes.

Download Here (via Sabi96 Papercraft Box)

Template and Picture by Sabi96

Also, the contest deadline has been extended to 11th March at midnight Central Standard Time. You can check the original contest post for a timer showing exactly how long is left. Also a forum thread is now open for completed submissions. We’ll start to post the entrants soon so stay tuned!