1. Nathan

    these are all amazing creations! i think u got all of the characters in the classic mario series!
    and about the eternal star statue. Luigi can be unlocked in SM64! it’s actually mario dressed in Luigis clothes. but its still the same effect. there is a 121 star that u must find, its well hidden and i dont want to share my secret… yet. after u get it, fire urself out of the cannon in the courtyard outside the castle, and presto! ur Luigi! its not done just by using the computer cheats or whatever. i’ve actually done this and “L is real 2401″ lol.
    oh and love the bob-omb! best character ever

  2. nintendo-fan-artist

    I looove the wario car you did here, and I must add a request. will you please do wario sitting for the wario car, I looove wario papercrafts, or wario anything. also can you do some garlic from SSBB because warioman isn’t warioman without garlic, speaking of that, can you also do wario man in sitting position and normal position. because I am such a big fan of the great wario, or also known as warioman.

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