Waddle Dee & Waddle Doo

Photobucket I don’t know really much about the kirby series. I have played Kirby on the NES for a few hours, and Kirby64 for like half an hour. So I can’t really say anything usefull about these creatures. All I know is that they should be somewhere in the Kirby game.
Oh, and that King DeDeDe throws them in Brawl. Yay!

There are 2 versions of both guys. Pick the one you like the color the most. All of them are just recolors of Kirby, but I guess they will look kinda cool when finished.

Have fun!
Waddle Dee#1, Waddle Dee #2
Waddle Doo #1, Waddle Doo #2

Picture by Mastermind777


  1. Michael

    I can’t figure out how to put on the feet and the hands…
    But yeah, these are King Dedede’s servants, where the Waddle Doo’s (the one with the giant eye) are in authority over the Waddle Dee’s (The left one)

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