Venomian Tank

Not quite as impressive as the last post! :p

This was a quick little project I did after experimenting with ripping from Star Fox 64 (Lylat Wars).

This is a papercraft of the small hover tanks used by the Venomian army (I don’t think they have an official name like a few of the other vehicles). If memory serves, these are seen on Corneria and then later on the easier Venom path. Like most of Andross’ forces they’re quite weak on their own but are usually seen in groups to concentrate their firepower.

There are two versions of the template. A 9cm long one, and a small 4.7cm one. Both are simple and shouldn’t be too hard, providing you score all the lines and fold parts accurately.

Happy building!

Download Here

Template and Picture by Xenon


  1. Anonymous

    Nice one, i dont notice these “tanks” real looks ingame but it looks pretty similar to your papercraft i guess ūüėõ

  2. Xenon

    This model was ripped from the game so I can assure you this is what they look like! ;p

    But yeah it’s really hard to see them normally when you’re flying by fast with a screen full of lasers!

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