Varia Suit Helmet

Some people out there really like to build life-sized papercrafts. People ask for them a lot, though demand outstrips supply!
Anyway here we have the helmet from Samus’ Varia Suit, which is probably the most commonly depicted one in Metroid games, promo art and spin-offs like SSBB. Judging by some other user pictures on the Papercraft Museum it is pretty well scaled so that you can wear it easily enough. Err though with that green visor you might have a hard time seeing anything, unless you print on transparencies! 20 pages might bust your ink supply, though the pieces are all pretty large so it shouldn’t actually be too difficult so long as you use appropriate thick paper/thin card.
Template and picture by G2K


  1. Anonymous

    beautiful thing I’ve made it but he just does not fit my head over my head a little too short, it is a nice little thing with a only as you papercraft, wipe it clear with numbers or letters sry for my bad english iam dutch

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