Twilight Princess Zora armor Link enter Lakebed Temple, Link needs be able to stay underwater for a longer period of time. The Zora armor allows him to do just that.

It is given to him as a reward by queen Rutela of the Zora (or rather, her spirit…) for escorting her sick son to Kakariko Village.

Other than making him swim faster and being able to breathe underwater, the Zora armor doesn’t give Link any special powers; it does however make him more vulnerable against fire and ice attacks…

Anyway, you can get the parts and instructions to build your own papercraft version from my site, have fun building!

download here


  1. Osmodiwald

    Nice! But when wiil we se a ‘normal’ Twilight Princess link? I would LOVE to build that one! Or is there one already? :S

  2. ninjatoes

    After spending zo long on ZaL and making Cremia’s wagon in between, I think my next model will be a non-Zelda model, but Hero Clothes Link is definately on my “to do”-list in the future!

  3. Anonymous

    there are tonnes of 3d zelda tp models at
    I opened up normal link in blender and put it in pepakura and it had too many pieces, so i tried doing smooth edges or something but it didnt work, so i think an expert needs to do it.
    ( by expert i mean ninjatoes, drummyralf, or any others [especially ninjatoes ;o] )

  4. 17cheese14

    I have a Hero’s clothes TP Link ready, and I’m too busy to test build it. If anyone wants to try to test build it, tell me and I’ll give you a link to my site.

  5. Osmodiwald

    I’ll testbuild it! With the summer holidays and all it should be finished quite soon ^^
    Wil you post the link to your site here?

  6. Anonymous

    i want to test build it please!!! i may not be able to do it coz im only 11, but ill try by best and i LOVED zal!!

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