Twilight Princess Small Dungeon Key

The Small Key is featured in many Zelda games, and of all the keys available to the player, the small key is the most commonly found key. It can be found in small chests and by killing enemies. A small key can be used to open locked doors that have chains around them. In every Zelda game (except The Legend of Zelda), they can only be used in the dungeon where they’re found.

This model was initially 30cm (12″) tall – which was a little ironic – but that idea was inevitably scrapped because it looked incredibly ludicrous! So now it is a sensible 15cm (6″) tall. Enjoy!

Model ripped from Twilight Princess by Brandon, editing and template by Skelekitty.

The download pack includes PDOs and PDFs and a bonus “Triforce” font (see photo) that you can install onto your PC (C:\WINDOWS\Fonts).

Download: A4 / Letter


  1. Lostinthemaze92

    D: my key died… just like link’s do! lol! it only took about an hour to make.

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