Afbeelding1The official Pokemon site just released another model! Turtwig! This one is about the same size as the other papercrafts from the ranch, and shouldn’t be too hard to make.

Turtwig are small, turtle-like Pokémon, and are one of the three starter Pokémon for the Sinnoh region. Its prominent jawbone may denote a relationship to the snapping turtle. Its green and yellow body is covered by a shell. A small seedling grows on its head, similar to the plant bulb on Bulbasaur’s back and the leaf on Chikorita’s head.

Download them now!


  1. Silver

    Ahh y so cute Pokémon!!!!!!!!!
    Its my favorite: Turtwig!!
    I can made this cute papercrat!,but where the instructions???
    Alright,this papercraft is so cute!!

  2. Misha

    Can someone please help me with this? For some reason the first page is failing to load for me, I have them all but need the first one! D:

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