Trojan Horse

This cute little trojan horse is for download to promote the new Nintendo DS game Glory of Heracles. “Glory of Heracles is a role-playing adventure. Set in ancient Greece an epic narrative unfolds, surrounding the immortal men and women born of divine-human unions. Mount Olympus, where the protagonist and his comrades are headed, is a sacred place inhabited by the gods themselves.” ~info from the Glory of Heracles official site.

Download (The download link is back! Yay!)
Creator: Brian Castleforte for Nintendo of America.
*Note* be sure to check out the creator’s other awesome papercraft site!


  1. Orangoetan

    Thanks, Kratos, for restarting the blog! (yeah, it was never gone, but you know…)
    I really appreciate what you’re doing; maybe we could get some new models from the forum?

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