Treasure Chest

Time to update this post, for You Just Lost The Game also made the Majora’s Mask large chest, and the bosskey chest! You can download them now! The download contains the regular sized chests, smaller sized chests and the PDOs if you’d ever want to resize them.

Have fun!

Treasure Chests

By YOU JUST LOST THE GAME, info from Zeldapedia

By the way, I know I’ve been posting a lot of Zelda once again. I just don’t have that many other crafts left to post. Will you help me and send your crafts to me at drummyralf [at] nintendopapercraft [dot] com ? Your craft has a high chance of being posted if you provide me with a finished image as well.


  1. Abelle

    uh yeah 😛 I was making one but mine is sitting on a stump (it is the one that you get the kokiri sword from).

  2. Nova Alamak

    I made this one and found a way to open and close it:

    When you do the gluing, make sure the part connecting the top front and lock are NOT glued. Then, to keep the chest closed without human touch, tape a quarter to the underside of the lid. It will stay closed and open only when you physically make it. It’s less noticeable if you substitute a nickel and tape it closer to the front of the lid. To keep it from falling over while open, tape another quarter to the back of the lock. This is hard to notice to the pint-sized Hylian hero, one would think.

  3. Anonymous

    omg. i made the key too. but i had to make the the treasure chest bigger. hahaha i have the boss key and the boss key treasure chest.. its amazing :3
    and it it opens and closes. it ZELDA-tastic!!!!1

  4. Deitylink4567

    I made this easily in 7 mins. But instead of closing the chest, I taped it together so it opens and closes. it still looks the same with tape just its open. I will make all chest!

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