Travis Touchdown

Like I said a few weeks ago, people seem to love life sized stuff, but I wonder how many have the determination to do this one? This is a 1.86m tall model of Travis Touchdown, the main character and all-round antihero of the No More Heroes games originally for the Wii.

Travis lives in a motel in Santa Destroy, California and spends his days collecting an assortment of nerdy things. Though he is in fact an upcoming assassin and after a successful hit using a beam katana he won on an online auction, he begins to try and climb the ranks of the United Assassins Association. By removing the competition of course!

Download Here

Template and Picture by ddi7i4d


  1. Yoan (French)

    Absolutely incredible! Your work is so impressive! I become a huge fan! I hope you will do the others characters (maybe smaller ? ;))
    Don’t stop your site, i’ll will follow your work evereyday right now ^^

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