Toy Donkey Kong

Got something a bit different today, posted in our forum recently by ddi7i4d (though it’s probably on many other sites by now).

It’s a custom modelled Donkey Kong craft based on the Mini-DK toys first seen in Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis on the DS. This model makes use of curved smooth-built parts sort of similar to Chokipeta’s style of templates. So you only need to fold tabs and the few lines present, everything else can be curved around to fit in place. A good example of a relatievly simple papercraft that looks great when done.

Download Here (PNG Template)

Template and Picture by ddi7i4d


  1. Chokipeta fan

    I love it but I wouldn’t say it’s almost on par with Chokipeta lol… It’s maybe almost as cute as a Chokipeta but Chokipeta still makes better use of free shapes than this which is still obviously made from polygons in Pepakura but with most tabs removed. But it is much better than most Pepakuras and still awesomely cute!

  2. ddi7i4d

    Thank you, next time I will probably redraw the shapes to make it look smoother, I don’t know how Chokipeta makes his models, but Pepakura can’t handle nurbs (me neither ;)).

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