Tox Box

I remember seeing these guys for the first time, always being afraid that it would roll over me.

Tox Boxes are huge metal boxes that move along a set path in Shifting Sand Land, the 8th world in Super Mario 64. They attempt to flatten Mario by rolling over him. The path is a small maze of tiles surrounded by darker, faster moving quick sand that sucks Mario in instantly.

All but one of the sides of a Tox Box each have a face spray-painted on. The last side is only a square hole. This hole is for one of the playable characters to stand in as the Tox Box passes over the tile he’s standing on, thus letting him survive without being crushed. The tiled maze that Tox Boxes travel on has a few Red Coins on it, as well as the course’s only cannon.

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By Supermariofreak. Original topic. Info from Mario Wiki


  1. Anonymous

    this thing is funny on the DS versions,wario can punch them in the sand,quick-sand and on the stones to break it

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