Totodile Papercraft

Hello!  I am Navi, and although a few of my models have been on the blog, this is my first post as a writer for the site.  So, today I bring you a new model!  One of my own: a Totodile.  The totodile is, of course, one of the basic Pokemon.  This model, though somewhat complex at certain parts, is a fairly easy build for the most part, so a moderate crafter, or a dedicated beginner should easily be able to complete it.
The red spikes on the back of the standard totodile are included in the model, though they are not shown in the example.  Also, for the most difficult part of the model, the hands, an alternate part is provided (without fingers) to help those looking for a quicker build.  I hope all the poke fans out there enjoy this one!

Download Totodile

You will also be able to find this model, with some extra pictures of a built example, on my site shortly.


  1. Chartodileon

    No,she just took the picture before she put the spikes on. The spikes are in the template and completely buildable.

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