Top of Tingle Tower

Don’t be ashamed if you can’t remember this house-like object. I had to scratch my head two or three times before I recognized it. It’s the top of the Tingle Tower on Tingle Island in Windwaker!

Tingle Island is a small island on the Great Sea, which appears in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. On the island is the Tingle Tower, a spinning totempole-like tower that is the residence of Tingle, David Jr, Ankle and Knuckle. Tingle can be found there when Link needs him to translate Triforce Charts.

This craft should not give any problems when building. Be sure to add the bottom of the house-like shape before adding it onto the platform though, or you will find yourself struggling to put it onto the platform

Have fun!

Download Top of Tingle Tower

Design by PMF, Info from Zeldapedia

On a side note, I noticed that the oldest Zelda posts are not showing anymore because we’ve exceeded 100 posts in that category. I will try to fix this problem as soon as possible.


  1. Lord Lemmy

    This is awesome! But it’d be even better if the whole tower was there! I would love to have a model of Tingle tower made entirely out of paper! XD

  2. Anonymous

    ho do I get to the old zelda paper crafts like the four swords links that used to be at the bottom

  3. Anonymous

    can you make a seccond tab for zelda and put all the realy old paper crafts that dont show up on that tab?

  4. Jameson

    I really have loved what you did here but how do you make a paper tingle figure, I have found countless figures, but none are supported by my computer, and as well you just seem like the guy to ask, so please just make a single tutorial on how to make a tingle doll out of paper. Thank you.

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