Tetris Party Diorama

If you ever wanted to be the man who arranges the blocks then now’s your chance with this nifty interactive diorama based on the Tetris Party Wii Ware game.
Can I have a long one please? Yes you can! This model is designed so that the falling piece can be slid in and out of place as you please, using a tab and slit on the back, and is a good example of how sometimes simplistic designs make awesome papercrafts.
Why must these infernal blocks tease? Fear not, as this model though small should be very easy. Just make sure you use appropriately thick card.
Template and Picture by Bryan
(Why yes, I do love this video…)


  1. Biebboek

    It immediatly occured to me that the yello 1*1 and 1*2 formations are not possible, provided that those are fragments from a 2*2 brick :).

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