dAAAAAW… wait… what? No, NO NOOOO!!!!! DON’T KILL ME! That’s probably what happens when you first encounter this cute little enemy.

The Tediz are a group of soldiers under the command of Von Kripelspac. They are made to resemble Teddy Bears. According to the game Conker’s Bad Fur Day, teddy bear soldiers were first used in an unspecified “Milk War” 300 years previously, but were soon decommissioned due to their flimsy design and flammable stuffing. The Tediz are at war with the SHC, though neither game specifies why. In Bad Fur Day, a new version of the teddy bear soldiers is created by a Germanic technophile weasel scientist named Professor Von Kripelspac, who christens them the Tediz; originally simply teddy bears with guns filled with stuffing.

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By Gupu


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