Tanooki Mario Hako (and contest results)

Voting has now ended for the contest, so we are pleased to announce the winning models:1st place: Seb’s Luigiwith 58 points
2nd place: Brandon and Olber’s Petey Piranha with 45 points
3rd place: Squeezycheesecake’s 8-bit Mario with 36 points

A breakdown of the results can be seen here.

Many thanks to all who entered or took part and keep your eyes open for future contests!

Right well there’s a backlog of models which need posting at the moment so continuing with our contest entries, here’s DrNicholas’ model, a Tanooki Mario hako.

The Tanooki Suit is a power-up item that first appeared in Super Mario Bros. 3 on the NES in 1988 and allows Mario or Luigi to turn into a statue at will or temporarily fly. The suit will soon be making a comeback in Super Mario 3D Land for the 3DS, which is why this model has some bonus classic 3D glasses!
Info from Mario Wiki
Being a hako style model, this should be very simple to construct. The template is available as an image file above (click to enlarge).
Template and Picture by DrNicholas



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