Taj_PreviewTaj the Genie is a large elephant who is respected by all. During the events of the game Diddy Kong Racing Taj helps Diddy Kong and his pals in their quest to kick the evil Wizpig off of Timber’s Island. In the game players can race Taj up to three times, if beaten Taj will award his opponent with a Golden Balloon. Taj can also change the vehicle being used currently for a different one. In the original Diddy Kong Racing, he has an Indian accent, and speaks much more often. When the player summons his attention, he always says “Hello, friend” and asks what the player would like to do. In the Nintendo DS remake, he speaks a lot less (he says nothing during the victory cutscene for each track and doesn’t appear at all for the Wish Races) and what he says when the player summons his attention changes all of the time. Once the player selects something for him to do, he disappears without asking if he can help you further.~info from Super Mario Wiki

Download: Here

Designer: Litronom
photo by Litronom