Super Mario Papercraft

If you ever want to build a model of Mario, you have a huge number of crafts to choose from! Today we have another to add to the list, a custom modelled version of Nintendo’s most famous mascot by DrakerDG of PaperBotz.
This model stands 30cm tall and (very nicely) comes with a two part set of video instructions which you can view on YouTube here:

PDO Download
PDF Alternate Download

Template and Picture by DrakerDG


  1. Anonymous

    very very nice ,,you’re such a good paper crafter,,,,,,master

    can we have a .pdf file of this??


  2. bofroe

    I’m new to papercrafting.
    This will be my second model
    My question is what type of paper is the best for this model ?
    I used 120G paper is that thick enough ?

    Thank you very much !

  3. Xenon

    The general recommendation is between 120-200gsm. 120 will be quite light for a large model like this but should still be ok so long as you’re careful.

    I personally might use something heavier just to be safe and to give it enough support, but it comes down to your own preference. After a few models you’ll have a better feel for what works for you. :)

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