Super Mario Mushrooms

Mushrooms are a common item found in nearly every Mario game invented. Different types of mushrooms have different effects. Even the Toad People are a type of mushroom in humanoid form.

These different coloured mushies are the brain-child of Skelekitty and Paperbuff, after getting their hands onto a copy of Icthus7‘s Power-Up mushroom.

After a frenzied Photoshop session, the result was a Power-Up, a 1-Up, Poison, Super Mega, Super Mini, Life, Volt, and a Slow mushroom. You can download all of then in a single pack. Special thank yous to Icthus7 for (not exactly officially) letting us play with his mushroom!

Download HERE.


  1. Paperbuff

    Unfortunately, we don’t have the lined template either. But you shouldn’t really need (or want) fold lines for this one. All you need to do is score and fold the tab lines and start gluing. This will make for a smoother build.

    Hope that helped. And have fun building.

  2. Anonymous

    You freaking need instructions for this. Im just a beginner but i didnt know what piece was next after i got above the second second eye piece and by the time i figured it out that it was wrong it was to late and i scraped this 3 hour projest because i wasent sure. Thank you for wasting my time

  3. Stacey C.

    Huh…not sure what’s up with the above commenter…I just looked at the template and it looks super straight forward! Thanks so much! I’m going to have oodles of fun surprising my husband with these over the next few weeks!

  4. Anonymous

    yeah this i my second papercraft ever and its pretty easy. i wish i tried the larger mushroom first instead of the tiny tinyshroom. but oh well =]

  5. Anonymous

    What about the life shroom from Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door that has hearts on it?
    I’m not sure where you got the pink and white “life shroom” from.

    Also you forgot the super shroom from Mario Party 7.

    But really nice. I like this paperkraft.

  6. Anonymous

    guys, is there a way to do this without buying winzip? i REALLY don’t want to buy it because im not that desperate, but if there is a way to do this without buying winzip, please reply! thankyou

  7. Dantheman1119

    nevermind about winzip, i bought it so nvm. New question: how come the super musroom is pink and not red, like in the picture?

  8. CCPapercrafts

    Maybe a VERY VERY late comment BUT:
    IT’s not a4 but letter and the template isn’t right and is spread over 4 pages….

    Wesley – NintendoPapercraftForum

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