Super Mario 64 Mario

Hey everyone, I’m Vincentmrl, this is my first post here!

Here’s a craft I waited for so long to be made: Mario from Super Mario 64. I guess you know who Mario is, but if you don’t: Mario is one of the most known characters of all time, he’s a red plumber made by Nintendo that has to save Princess Peach from Bowser. The model is medium difficulty and is tall 15cm.

Download Here (via Paperlegend’s Papercrafts)

HD testbuild and templates by Paperlegend
HD textures by Vincentmrl
Original texture testbuild by Vincentmrl


  1. Anonymous

    Wow! I love that Mario! Please give me a PDF link, because in my collection, my Mario 64 crafts needs a cool Mario who’ll look good with the “title screen” Mario head?!

  2. Anonymous

    Nice job. It looks EXACTLY like the sprite from SM64. For sharper creases, I recommend scoring with a dry ballboint pen before folding.

  3. Anonymous

    This craft isn’t all that easy to make.. I’m still trying to figure out how exactly the legs are supposed to attach to the rest of the body…. ;-;

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