Stone Kirby

I’ve been digging around the internet to find some crafts that we’ve missed in the past, so today I bring you Kirby morphed into his stone form in Super Smash Bros. on the N64.
In the Smash Bros. series Kirby’s downwards special move transforms him into a heavy object that slams into the ground with considerable force. Whilst transformed Kirby is temporarily immune to damage, though immobile and vulnerable to grabs and throws until he turns back to normal. In SSB he turns into a pink stone block similar to his stone move seen in other games. Later in SSBM and SSBB he can turn into a variety of other objects such as a Thwomp, 100t weight, a spiked metal ball and a Panel de Pon block.
This craft is a simple block though slightly irregular in shape. Comes in either a 8.5cm or 6cm version.

Download Here

Template and Picture by sabidiet