PhotobucketIt’s the Stalhound! One of the enemies in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess! I’m not sure if it’s really buildable, since there aren’t any finished pictures of this model, But I think it will be buildable.

Note: Raifreak tested this craft, and noticed that there were a few tabs missing. This papercraft might need some DIY tabs because of it.

Stalhound Part2 part3 Part4 Part5 Part6

Stalound Pack (including PDO)
Mediafire, Rapidshare

By Alcione, picture by Raifreak


  1. zak

    working on making it. i’ll have a picture for you soon. so far, you are right about not being sure if it is buildable. it hardly is, between the odd folds and missing tabs.

  2. zak

    don’t bother making the craft. i got the head, body, hips, and back legs, then gave up. there are too many missing tabs, odd folds, and the layout of the parts. it someone were to make a v3 of this, it would be a great model, but until then, it’s not worth making.

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