SSBB Luigi

Here’s the Super Smash Bros. Brawl Luigi that’s been around for a long time now! Originally designed by Ignatius of our forums it received some great build photos courtesy of Touchfuzzygetdizzy. Unfortunately it’s slipped past Nintendo Papercraft’s radar (we’re only human, mostly!) because of the long time it spent without a finished picture, so you may have seen it elsewhere by now. For completions sake here it is finally on the blog!
Luigi is Mario’s brother, often a bit overshadowed! Though he’s a frequent character in most modern Mario games by now. In Brawl he is a medium-weight character similar to Mario but with some more variable attributes. His attacks are quick but short reached, some having ‘sweetspots’ which may deal unexpectedly powerful blows if connected right. This results in a ‘quirky’ fighting style whose success might vary a lot depending on luck and skill!

Download Here

Template by Ignatius
Picture by Touchfuzzygetdizzy


  1. nintendo-fan-artist

    well, I really love luigi art, but can you, uh, Ignatius please make more wario art, I know that you have made a SSBB luigi in this art, I was playing ssbb just before I typed this, but can you please make wario from smash bros brawl and warioman (wario’s smash move) from ssbb. I am requesting this because on your site there is only one wario and he is not as good as the smash bros version, also instead of making just one can you take the time to make the two different skins for wario both normal yellow plumber and explorer, and then make the only warioman. I ask you do all of these because you seem talented in this art, and I need to make a wario papercraft from ssbb.

    1. GP

      Ignatius unfortunately isn’t active anymore. I’ll take note of the Wario suggestion though. Thank you!

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