Spirit Train

Another Zelda DS model, this time by Icthus7 and enrique3, the Spirit Train from (not surprisingly) Spirit Tracks. I spied this up on enrique3’s deviantArt page a while ago but now it has been made available for release over on their blog.

It’s made up of a train engine and three other cars in total, designed in such a way so you can build as many of them as you like and in any order. Also features some 2D double sided cut-out characters which you can perch on the carriages. The colours and detail make it an impressive looking model if you build all of it!

Download Here

Template and Picture by Icthus7 and enrique3


  1. Xenon

    I haven’t actually built it, but I’d say medium difficulty. There are many blocky parts to get through, but it might not be obvious how they join unless you look at the PDO file in Pepakura viewer since there’s an unfortunate lack of instructions.

  2. nick

    This is a dificult model. 81 peices may seem easy, but it gets confusing, and some of the parts take forever(like the wheels).
    I consider my self experienced, but this is a difficult model. Not one for begginers.

  3. Anonymous

    I’d say is medium hard. This is m 2nd day building it and I only have half of 2 carts done. Also the lack of instructions and not so helpfull pdo (at least for me) makes it hard to know which part goes here.
    And the tires, dear tires…

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